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CharlieJoe Chai (CJC) is a Colorado-based beverage company driven by a passion for chai tea. Inspired by the chai wallahs of India, CharlieJoe devoted 20 years to perfecting a signature blend of tea and spices. What began with stove top experiments for friends and neighbors evolved into a partnership to craft a convenient chai concentrate, now featured at all Ziggi's Coffee locations.

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Brewing Impact

In alignment with its humanitarian roots, CJC collaborates with the Rungajaun Tea Estate in Assam, India, ensuring fair wages and community empowerment. Additionally, partnering with Life for the Innocent, CJC contributes a portion of the proceeds to prevent, rescue, and restore children from human trafficking horrors. Throughout 2022, Ziggi's Coffee Franchise is matching CJC's donations, doubling the impact for rescuing lives.

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Our Story

During our inaugural trip to India in 1998, a college group aimed to help a children's home in Visakhapatnam. Surprisingly, the children's spirit profoundly touched us, embedding a deep love for India - its culture, people, and their unwavering spirit. It was there that we discovered authentic chai, a revelation in flavor that sparked our quest to recreate and share this invigorating brew. Engaging with chai wallahs, each weaving their unique spin into the beverage, fueled our aspiration to craft our own distinct blend. Subsequent trips to India over two decades fueled our passion to perfect our chai recipe, embodying the essence of THE 8 WONDERS OF THE SPICE WORLD!

Our Mission

Driven by gratitude for the experiences in India, CharlieJoe Chai is committed to giving back. Donations support the same children's home that initially welcomed CharlieJoe and partner with Life for the Innocent to combat human trafficking. The mission is to impact a million lives, starting with the children in need. Explore our mission and ways to get involved.

हमारे सहयोगी

Our collaborations are crucial to our mission. We partner with Rungajaun Tea Estate in Assam, India, to ensure fair wages and community support. Together with Life for the Innocent, we aid in rescuing and rehabilitating children from trafficking. These partnerships make our cause impactful.

Join us in making a difference! Explore our journey and mission. Get involved today.