Drink Chai, Save Lives चाय पीयें, जीवन बचायें

Every sip of CharlieJoe Chai contributes to rescuing children in India from the horrors of human trafficking. With each purchase, you support our mission to prevent, rescue, and restore young lives. Your enjoyment of our chai directly aids in reaching our goal of rescuing over one million children.

A group of children sitting in front of each other.

Our Commitment

CharlieJoe Chai (CJC) is dedicated to brewing more than just chai. Inspired by the chai wallahs of India, our company has spent 20 years perfecting a signature blend of tea and fresh spices. Rooted in humanitarian efforts, we partner with Rungajaun Tea Estate in Assam, India, to improve lives and support communities. Through our collaboration with Life for the Innocent, a portion of our proceeds aids in preventing human trafficking. In 2022, Ziggi's Coffee Franchise matches our contributions. Our goal is to spread the joy of chai while making a meaningful impact on millions of lives, one cup at a time.

For further inquiries about partnering with CharlieJoe Chai, email us at [email protected] or follow us on Facebook and Instagram using #CJC #chai4life.

Saving Lives Campaign