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Sweet and creamy featuring organic local Colorado wildflower honey and pure vanilla! Recently named Ziggi’s Coffee 2022 National Drink Champion! Just add equal parts of your favorite milk (we like full-bodied oatmilk). Enjoy hot or cold. Ingredients include direct-trade single-estate Assam black tea, water, cane sugar, pure vanilla, certified organic honey, and spices. 64 oz. bottle (about 16 servings). Please allow 5-7 business days for Shipping/Delivery.

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  1. Tammy M

    This past weekend I attended a ladies conference at Ellerslie in Windsor and Eric Ludy encouraged me to message you about your Charlie Joe Chai! They had your chai available for the ladies and let me tell you it was the best chai I’ve ever had! I’ve tried a lot of chai lattes all over the US & even Europe and I have not tasted one that is as good as yours! I am not a coffee drinker, just chai, so I very much appreciate finding a good one and it’s rare! I also love that you’re using some proceeds to help kids in India, your business is about something much more than chai!

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